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How We Can Help
30 years of helping people eliminate debt
We have eliminated/discharged Millions of dollars
in consumer debt, saved thousands of Homes from foreclosure We
offer widest possible range of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy
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10.0David E. Galler

Galler Law is Here To Help You

Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta

Offering bankruptcy solutions in Atlanta, Georgia

Have you ever wondered why your debt keeps piling on, no matter what you do? When you are in a sticky financial condition, your debt payments are most likely to suffer. You take on more debt to clear your previous one. The more your debt piles up, the lower your credit score falls. And it’s not as if your creditors are going to have pity on you. They run a business. So they come after you with everything they’ve got.


How do you get out of this endless cycle?

The answer is – bankruptcy. Despite its conspicuous nature, bankruptcy is not the horrible thing that people think it is. It is actually a part of the Federal Law, designed to make it easier for people who are burdened with pre-existing debt.

Bankruptcy attorney AtlantaDavid Galler, bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta will help you take advantage of this fair system for honest, but unfortunate debtors and get a fresh start in life. Our bankruptcy specialist can give you a fighting chance against debtors in a legal manner.

We serve clients in Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, SandySprings, and Duluth.

Once our bankruptcy lawyer files a case on your behalf, all the collections will stop immediately. For example, the foreclosures on your house payments will halt, debt collectors will stop calling you and any threats of repossession will be eliminated. Yes, you can save your home! What’s more, your credit score will improve as a result.

With a bankruptcy filed, we will get you out of this destructive cycle of payments. You can then take control of your finances once more. We realize that as our esteemed clients, you need all the help you can get. That’s why we make it our mission to create the most comfortable environment possible for you.



Main practice areas in our bankruptcy law firm

We help you with a multitude of options to relieve you of your debt. We specialize in:

  1. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: – Galler Law Firm will help you cancel many, or almost all of your debts when you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy with us. A trustee might have to liquidate some of your property to pay off the creditors. But we will try to minimize the liquidation of your assets as far as possible.
  2. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: – If you have a substantial income or want to protect your property from liquidation, you can choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Usually, there is a repayment plan involved. We can check if you are eligible for this case, and guide you in choosing the best option considering your current financial condition as well as income sources. We also offer assistance in filing chapter 20 bankruptcy. (chapter 7 followed by chapter 13)
  3. Student Loan Debt: – We know how education can tear your finances apart and leave you with a hefty debt. Settlement of Federal Student loans is not always possible. But Galler Law can reduce the monthly payment, remove the default status and negative credit on your loan account, stop wages garnishments or seizure of income tax returns.
  4. Foreclosure: – If you are a home-owner in financial trouble, you may not be able to make your mortgage payments. In this case, you endanger yourself to the possibility of a foreclosure. Approaching your bank directly to reinstate your loan does not stop the foreclosure. Galler law can intervene and stop it before the sale actually happens.
  5. Motor Vehicle Repossession: – If you have defaulted on your car loan by some unfortunate event, your creditor may repossess your vehicle. It is very difficult to get your vehicle back when that happens. We can halt this process with a number of options, but only if you contact us quick. We can stop the repossession before your creditor can do more harm.
  6. Garnishment: – Garnishments are your worst enemy when you are low on finances. Your wages are siphoned off by your employer to pay your debts by a court order. Do not fight this order alone. We can help you challenge this judgment or work out a different deal if you contact us within 5 business days of receiving a garnishment.
  7. Mortgage Modification: – Mortgages are a necessary evil in these times, but they have tax benefits too. However, when you find that you can no longer afford the mortgage, you risk foreclosure or worse. Galler Law understands your dream of owning a house, which is why we can help you restructure your mortgage to make it more affordable.
  8. Debt Settlement: – Your last resort is to settle a debt to reduce the amount you owe by way of negotiation. However, doing this alone can land you in a worse off position, or it may not even work. We can increase your chances of success, halt damage to your credit score as well as negotiate any penalties and interests.

Why choose David Galler as your bankruptcy and Debt Attorney?

When you think about bankruptcy, you need only the best bankruptcy lawyer. But there are many law firms scattered around. Why would you choose Galler Law? What’s so special about us? Here’s what:

  • With over three decades worth of experience, we have been tackling the toughest of our clients’ financial situations in Atlanta, Georgia. We boast of a 99% success rate in discharging all Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases!
  • We don’t advocate bankruptcy willy-nilly. When you come to us for the first time, we make a thorough assessment of your situation and let you explore every possible option before taking a drastic measure.
  • We deliver an extremely fast and personalized service. We will never abandon you and will get things done in a timely manner.
  • We are available for you at all times, and we always return your calls.

Getting out of sticky financial situations needs haste, not speculation. Our debt relief lawyer can leverage that extra time and provide you with more options to prevent any additional damage. What would you rather prefer? Mulling over your situation or getting out of it as fast as you can? If it’s the latter, Galler Law can stop creditor harassments and give you back your peace of mind.

Debt is not something to be ashamed of. And we are not asking you to grow a thick skin either. We know how distressing it is to consider bankruptcy, and what the society thinks of it. Instead, managing your debts with the help of bankruptcy law properly can lead you to a truly financially independent life. We can provide you with a personal bankruptcy attorney to cater to your specific needs and help you navigate this storm.

Galler Law, LLC Office Location:

875 Old Roswell Road, B100, Roswell, GA 30076, United States

Contact us today (770) 671-8830


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